Electrical and Electronics Department

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a vibrant field that plays a vital role in everyday life. It has been flourishing and enhancing human life for more than a century. It builds upon laws of attraction (Electricity and Magnetism) and operates by electromagnetic principles (Electrical machines, Transformers).
It involves power generation, Transmission and distribution etc., and it has diverse areas such as electronics (High Definition TV, Embedded systems etc.,), telecommunications (designing cell phones, mobile network), VLSI (designing chips for all the modern appliances), control systems (designing modules to control an equipment/system) and many more areas. It provides plenty of opportunity for proactive young engineers with potential to innovate new ideas which make our life better and happier.


To become a front-runner in bringing out graduates with foundation in electrical and electronics engineering who can cater to the dynamic needs of the industry and to provide a diverse and stimulating environment for quality researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs and thereby contribute value to the knowledge-based economy and society.


Degree Offered

The mission of our Electrical and Electronics department is to foster the technical and professional competencies of our students by providing innovative and quality education in current and emerging technologies of modern Electrical and Electronics Engineering. We equip them with knowledge of global industrial scenario and challenges faced by electrical based industries. We mold our graduates to have rewarding and successful careers in a diverse range of electrical engineering fields and to become future innovators and entrepreneurs to solve engineering problems in industry.
Our Department Faculty members have diverse specializations in areas of Power Systems, Energy Engineering, Control Systems and Instrumentation, VLSI Design, Applied Electronics. Our Department is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities which enable our students to conduct experiment, analyze and interpret results and simulations, hence formulate and solve engineering problems. Our Department has full-fledged library to cater the needs of faculty members and student's reference.

We provide Personality development program and Technical training to prepare our students for campus interviews. This enables them to face Aptitude tests and Technical with enormous confidence. We engage them in team activities and help them acquire communication skills and leadership qualities, to create a host of highly talented energetic professionals who are the need of our nation. We motivate our students with talks by expert personalities from leading engineering firms to instill confidence and face the challenges of future. Apart from classroom sessions we kindle the creativity of students and train them with value-added courses to bridge the gap between advanced technology and curriculum. Thus a Graduate from PIE Tech can plan his/her future with confidence and have a thriving career in Electrical Engineering and other core fields of specialization in any Indian or Multinational companies. The association provides a platform for our students to exhibit and develop their skills in their co-curricular and extra-curricular abilities.