Anti Ragging

Ragging is strictly prohibited inside the college campus and top priority is accorded to the safety of our students. According to Supreme Court guidelines, anti-ragging committee is formed and undertakings of the students are uploaded to the anti-ragging database every academic year.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Committee member




Dr. K.P. Dhanabalakrishnan Principal 9750108880
Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan HOD Civil 9865372545
Mr. A. Dhanamurugan HOD Mech 9524160950
Ms. N. Suba Rani HOD CSE 9488876770
Mr. M. Kalidasan HOD EEE 9786240738
Mr. N. Rajesh Kumar HOD ECE 9843844844
Ms. R. Subasini HOD SNH 9942128887
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What Constitutes Ragging?

Actions to be taken against Students for indulging in Ragging

Depending on the nature and severity of offence committed, the student will be subject to any of the punishments below if found guilty of ragging.